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10 Tips For Playing Blackjack In Online Casinos

Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games not only for its simplicity, but also because the house edge is quite low and there are good profit margins for players.

Getting steady wins in blackjack is a job reserved for few professionals, but we want to share with you some strategic rules that greatly increase the player’s chances, based on simple logical and mathematical reasoning.

  • Never split 10s: a 20 is very close to a 21. Don’t risk an extremely good point just to play two hands.
  • Never split a pair of 5s, always split a pair of 8s: it is not convenient to split two 5s, but it always is for 8s, except if the card shown by the dealer is a 10.
  • Always split aces: Having two aces means doubling your chances of hitting a blackjack. A pair of aces must always be split.
  • Stop on 17: hitting 17 is never a good move, ever! The chances of a useful card coming out of the deck are very low. Also, the dealer must stop on 17 and call card on 16, risking busting. No matter what the situation is, don’t do it.
  • Choose a table that allows for a minimum bet of approximately 5% of your available money. Exceeding this percentage for each hand puts you at risk of failing to regain what you might lose in the event of an unlucky streak.
  • The fewer decks in play, the greater the odds in the player’s favor. If possible, always choose single deck tables, or at least with the minimum number of decks in play.
  • Each table may have particular rules, which are good to know before starting to play. The most common are the “Surrender” and the “Double Down”.
  • Play against the dealer. It doesn’t matter what the other players sitting at your table are doing, it doesn’t concern you because it doesn’t affect your game in the slightest. Stay focused on your cards and the choices to make.
  • Then there are other rules common to all games, such as setting limits, not playing drunk and other things of this kind, but we are confident that you are already aware of them.

We hope these strategies will be useful to you in your blackjack games.